We all need a "time-out" once in awhile.  Or should we call it a "time-in"?  Time to relax, time to reflect, time to remember what it feels like to be balanced and at peace.  Many of feel as if we are rushing from one thing to another with no break in between.

I encourage you to take a "time-out" for yourself.  Those around you will thank you as well.  Whether you are seeking a sanctuary for healing your emotional needs or your muscles are screaming for some attention, you have come to the right place.

With ten years of experience in Massage, Myofascial Release, and Energy Therapy, I can meet your needs today and help you feel like yourself again... like the self that you may not even remember!  Listen to your body.. those aches and pains are trying to tell you something.  Let's work together and create a plan to make you feel whole again.

I have recently discovered the healing properties of Essential Oils that go beyond basic aromatherapy. In addition to Reiki Classes of all levels, I will also be co-teaching workshops on how to use Essential oils to create DIY chemical-free products for yourself and home.  You can find more information about these workshops as well as other wellness tips at our website:  www.ohsoulgood.com  

Call to schedule an appointment at 329-8826 or schedule online through by clicking the "Schedule Now" button located on the left sidebar of this page. 

You can find me at 19 Commons Ave, Room 103.  Commons Ave is across from Dominos on Route 302 (same road as OA and Saco Bay Physical Therapy).  Drive to the end of the road and you will see a building on the right with Flue and Gas and Black Bear Auto.  Park in this parking lot and enter through the door on the left uner the Flue and Gas sign.  You can have a seat in the waiting room and I will be with you shortly.





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